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AC - Appeal Cases
ASP - Assistant Superintendent of Police
BASL - Bar Association of Sri Lanka
C.D.B. - Crime Detective Bureau
C.I.D. - Criminal Investigation Department
C.S.U. CAB - Citizens Advisory Bureau
CI - Chief Inspector of Police
CIB - Complaints Information Book
CP - Communist Party
CWC - Ceylon Workers' Congress
DIG - Deputy Inspector General of Police
DJV - Deshapremi Janatha Viyaparaya (Patriotic People's Movement)
DO - Detention Order
ER - Emergency Regulations
GCIB - Grave Crimes Information Book
HC - High Court
HCA - Habeas Corpus Application
HQI - Head-Quarters Inspector
HRTF - Human Rights Task Force [of Sri Lanka]
I. G. P. I.C.R.C. I.R.P. - Presidential Commission of Inquiry into the Involuntary Removal of persons
IB - Information Book
IP - Inspector of Police
J.O.C. - Joint Operations Command
JMO - Judicial Medical Officer
JVP - Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (People's Liberation Front)
LSSP - Lanka Sama Samaja Party
M.P. - Member of Parliament
MC - Magistrate's Court
MDDR - Movement for the Defense of Democratic Rights
MOIB - Minor Offences Information Book
NLR - New Law Reports
OIC - Officer-In-Charge
OVB - Officers Visiting Book
PC - Police Constable
PS - Police Sergeant
EPPIA - Rehabilitation of Persons, Properties and Industrial Authority
RPC - Reserve Police Constable
S/DIG - Senior Deputy Inspector General of Police
SC - Supreme Court
SI - Sub-Inspector of Police
SLFP - Sri Lanka Freedom Party
SLMP - Sri Lanka Mahajana Pakshaya [Sri Lanka People's Party]
SLR - Sri Lanka Law Reports
SP - Superintendent of Police
SSP - Senior Superintendent of Police
STF - Special Task Force
TR - Telephone Register
UGC - University Grants Commission
UNP - United National Party
USA - United Socialist Alliance
WGEID - UN Human Rights Committee's Working Group on Enforced Disappearances

Posted on 1999-01-01


Cyberspace Graveyard for Disappeared Persons
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