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The Commission inquired into complaints relating to the disappearances and involuntary removals of 23 people. Out of the 23, one is a Muslim, Abdul Cader Abdul Munaf, a 28-year-old fishmonger by trade. The L.T.T.E. is alleged to have arrested him on 20.06.90. The L.T.T.E. cadres who arrested him are well known. They are Prakash, Kailash and Nandan. The reason given for arrest is that the arrested person was selling fish to the Security forces.


There is only one Sinhalese among the 23 persons arrested and he is B.H. Ranjith of B 12 Yaya ll of Padaviya. He was arrested by unknown parties, generally suspected to be L.T.T.E. Of the 23 arrests, nine arrests are alleged to have been the work of the Navy and five arrests by unknown parties. Another five by the Army, one by the L.T.T.E. and three by the I.P.K.F.


The Navy arrests consist of four from Kokilai, two from Mullaithivu, two from Mulliwaikkal and one from Kilali. The Army arrests consist of two arrests of father and son who were found fishing at Mullathivu and Tharmalingam Paneerchelvam from Pesalai and one each from Mullathivu and Mulliyavalal.


The unknown parties arrested five persons which include Ranjith, the only Sinhalese, and Mrs. Kandasamy Sarosaladevy, clerk in the Trincomalee Provincial Council Office, who went to Mulliyawalai on hearing of the arrest of her husband only to be arrested herself; while the husband was released nothing was heard of her.


Posted on 2002-08-30


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