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This region has been a very sensitive area in years following 1988. There has been heightened terrorist activity by the L.T.T.E., E.P.R.L.F., P.L.O.T. groups during this period. The existence of the North Western sea coast and the operations between the Indian Coast near Rameshwaram and the Mannar coast by boats carrying arms, fuel and ferrying injured persons had heightened increased patrolling by the Navy. The Navy had taken into custody a large number of boatmen who had indulged in the lucrative business of transporting human cargo from the troubled areas to the Indian coast. The main complaint was that the boatmen were not released though the refugees were released. Our inquiries from the naval authorities have drawn negative responses.


The disappearances caused by the terrorist groups have accounted for a large number of civilians gone missing. A few Police and Service personnel have also been reported as killed subsequent to attacks on Police stations. It is to be noted that a significant number of persons among the Muslim community have been the victims

of terrorist abductions.


The pattern of abductions of the Muslims in particular seems to be a visit to the home by unknown groups of persons and removal of the victims. Anxious relatives have been told by the persons abducting that they will be released after inquiry. Young persons below the age of twenty, very often in their late teens have been abducted or disappeared often on the way to school. This feature seems to give credence to some form of conscription of cadres by the terrorist groups.

Posted on 2002-08-30


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