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At the sittings held in Vavuniya, complaints were recorded from aggrieved persons in the Vanni districts. A large number of persons trying to use the Kilali Lagoon to either go towards the Jaffna Peninsula or return to Vanni have been targeted by the Navy patrolling in that area. They have either been drowned after shooting or taken into custody. There has been movement between Jaffna and Vanni of Tiger groups. The Navy in its endeavour to prevent the free movement of the Tigers through the lagoon has conducted forays and arrested or shot and killed civilians who used that route by travelling in boats.


A few cases of arrests by the Indian Peacekeeping Force in 1988 have been brought to our notice. We do not see how we could proceed to locate such persons.


The inquiries lodged with the Navy have met with negative responses and total denial of arrests.


On 10.07.90, there was an attack on Kokavil Radio Transmitting station by the Tigers. A case of disappearance from that attack was reported, A number of disappearances caused by unknown groups in this area was reported. It is likely that these abductions of persons were made by the Tamil groups which are stated to have forcibly conscripted persons to join their movements. Even voluntary disappearances cannot be ruled out.


A police officer disappearing on 11.11.93 during the Tiger attack at Pooneryn was brought to our notice. The E.P.R.L.F., E.N.D.L.F., are two other groups which have been mentioned as having caused abductions of persons in the Killinochchi, Kandavalai and Chundikulam areas.


Posted on 2002-08-30


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