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1.                     AC       Appeal Cases

2.                     ASP     Assistant Superintendent of Police

3.                     BASL   Bar Association of Sri Lanka

4.                     CWC    Ceylon Workers’ Congress

5.                     CI        Chief Inspector of Police

6.                     CAB    Citizen’s Advisory Bureau

7.                     CP       Communist Party

8.                     CIB      Complaints Information Book

9.                     C.S.U.  Counter Subversion Unit

10.                   CA       Court of Appeal

11.                   C.D.B. Crime Detective Bureau

12.                   C.I.D.   Criminal Investigation Department

13.                   DIG      Deputy Inspector General of Police

14.                   DJV     Deshapremi Janatha Viyaparaya

15.                   DO       Detention Order

16.                   DMO   District Medical Officer

17.                   D.S.     Divisional Secretary

18.                   EPDP   Eelam People’s Democratic Party

19.                   EPRLF Eelam People’s Revolutionary Liberation Front

20.                   ER       Emergency Regulations

21.                   GA       Government Agent

22.                   GCIB   Grave Crimes Information Book

23.                   HCA    Habeas Corpus Application

24.                   HCP     Habeas Corpus Petition

25.                   HQI     Head-Quarters Inspector

26.                   HC       High Court

27.                   HRC    Human Rights Commission

28.                   HRTF   Human Rights Task Force

29.                   IPKF    Indian Peace Keeping Force

30.                   IB        Information Book

31.                   I.G.P.   Inspector General of Police

32.                   IP         Inspector of Police

33.                   I.C.R.C.International Committee of the Red Cross

34.                   I.R.P.   Presidential Commission of Involuntary/Removals Disappearances of Persons

35.                   JVP      Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna

36.                   J.O.C.   Joint Operations Command

37.                   JMO     Judicial Medical Officer

38.                   LSSP    Lanka Sama Samaja Party

39.                   LTTE   Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam

40.                   MC      Magistrate’s Court

41.                   MP       Member of Parliament

42.                   MDDR Movement for the Defense of Democratic Rights

43.                   NLR     New Law Reports

44.                   OIC      Officer-in-Charge

45.                   OVB    Officers Visiting Book

46.                   PA       People’s Alliance

47.                   PLOTE People’s Liberation Organisation of Tamil Eelam

48.                   PC        Police Constable

49.                   PS         Police Sergeant

50.                   REPPLA Rehabilitation of Persons, Properties and Industries Authority

51.                   RPC     Reserve Police Constable

52                    S/DIG   Senior Deputy Inspector General of Police

53.                   SSP      Senior Superintendent of Police

54.                   STF      Special Task Force

55.                   SLFP    Sri Lanka Freedom Party

56.                   SLR      Sri Lanka Law Reports

57.                   SLMP  Sri Lanka Mahajana Pakshaya

58.                   SI          Sub-Inspector of Police

59.                   SP         Superintendent of Police

60.                   SC         Supreme Court

61.                   TELO    Tamil Eelam Liberation Organisation

62.                   TULF    Tamil United Liberation Front

63.                   TR       Telephone Register

64.                   UNWGEID      UN Working Group on Enforced and Involuntary Disappearances

65.                   UNP    United National Party

66.                   USA     United Socialist Alliance

67.                   UGC    University Grants Commission

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