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This Commission acknowledges the services rendered by the Secretary to the Commission Mr. M. C. M. Iqbal, the Assistant Secretary Mr. .E. M. Subasinghe and the rest of the staff who worked undauntedly and provided the administrative support needed by the Commission to complete the task entrusted to it by Your Excellency. The staff had a mixture of members of the three principal communities in Sri Lanka, and was able to respond to the copious correspondence on relief from the complainants in whatever language they wrote, be it Sinhala, Tamil or English. The commendable promptness in responding to such correspondence is appreciated and acknowledged. The services of Retired Senior Superintendent of Police, Mr. P. V. W. de Silva, as Head of the Investigation Unit of this Commission, and his team of investigating officers who had to delve through pages and pages of records to ferret out the information required by the Commission to come to a finding on the complaints inquired into, is also acknowledged.

The services of Mr. L. A. Jayasinghe of the Computer Division of the University of Colombo in preparing the Database, and the Computer Unit of this Commission headed by Ms. Subashini Ramasamy, in executing the tasks of feeding the data elicited during the inquiries into computers, processing them, extracting the relevant information in the form of reports, statements, and production of charts and graphs for this report to the required specifications, is acknowledged.

The assistance rendered by the District Secretaries, the Divisional Secretaries and their officials in providing necessary facilities to this Commission during its sittings in the outstations, and the evidence given by a large number of special witnesses, witnesses to incidents, Non-Governmental Organisations and State Officials, are also acknowledged.

Finally, we record our appreciation of the confidence Your Excellency reposed in this Commission by entrusting this task to us.


Posted on 2003-06-15


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