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The Phenomenon Of Disappearances In Sri Lanka

1. Introduction

2. The Modus Operandi of Causing Disappearances.

3. Efforts to Check Disappearances.

3.1 Human Rights Task Force (HRTF)

3.2 Commissions of Inquiry into Disappearances

3.3 Missing Persons Unit of the Attorney Generalís Department (MPU)

3.4 Disappearances Investigation Unit (DIU) of the Police Department

3.5 The Human Rights Commission (HRC)

3.6 Anti-Harassment Committee.

3.7 The Board of Investigation into Disappearances in Jaffna

4. Factors that Facilitate Disappearances

5. Writ of Habeas Corpus

6. Conclusion

Posted on: 2003-06-15

Cyberspace Graveyard for Disappeared Persons
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